40. McKinstry August 15, 1850

On Wednesday, Byron and his party passed the exit of South Fork Canyon where the Hastings Cutoff rejoins the main California Trail, and they also passed through Carlin Canyon. They are now close to the current location of the town of Carlin.

[Thursday] "The Mormans recommended the emigrants on the Hastings Cutoff to take no more than 20 days provisions as that would be ample to take them to the mines. But judge of their disappointment after being on the road twenty two or three days expecting for the last ten to come out on Carson River, their food all consumed, they come out on the Humboldt, and asking 'How far to the mines?' are answered 'Between four and five hundred miles!' ....

We tied up our cattle last night for the first time in a long time, and I went out with them across the river this morning at day break. The water up to ones armpits, and the grass and weeds as high as a man's head. This must be a fine place for Indians to operate, and they were not slow to improve the opportunity last night as I learn - though I was ignorant of it last night while wandering about among the grass and weeds on the other side of the river after dark, gathering up our scattered cattle. This morning as soon as I could see I was out among the cattle from which the Indians took their haul. There were 13 head of cattle killed and drove off within sight of our camp; 2 oxen & a cow from Splitlog & Co. They tracked them some distance and found that they were driven by 12 or 15 Indians. They turned their cattle over the river and left them out as usual. I drove ours from among them after dark and back to them again at daylight."