42. McKinstry August 22, 1850

[Thursday] "Nooned on the river and turned our cattle across the stream, the water here 2 1/2 feet deep, the bottom full of sloughs with plenty of willow and rose brush. The country much the same during the afternoon. Camped on the river, grass poor. Made 16 miles. This afternoon I had some fine fun driving the loose cattle. The road left the river and rose to the high plain, but as there was a path that kept along the brink of the river I concluded that it would be nearer than the main road, so I took it. In about a mile I found that the bluffs came to the river perpendicular at least 100 feet. So I had to turn round and retrace my steps half way back. I tried to make the cattle climb the bank and they all succeeded but the old stag and we had trouble enough with him. But at last I got him up and got the cattle collected and overtook the train before night."