Indoor Exhibit Tours

The map below shows the layout of the exhibit areas of the CTIC building. Underneath it you'll find buttons linking you to the information pages for each room. In general for each room (as appropriate), you'll find:

  • A "Diorama story" - This is a narrative such as you might hear from a volunteer or staff person who is providing you with an overview of what the room's displays are all about.
  • A "Virtual Tour" - You'll find every interpretive panel, including all of its images, text, and quotations, laid out in the sequence in which you would encounter them as you proceed through the exhibits. The tour will also include any audio or visual presentations that could be incorporated into the app.
  • "Artifacts" - The intent for these sections are to provide you with additional background or interesting facts about the physical objects which are displayed in the exhibit.
  • "Artwork" - The artwork and images provided on the interpretive panels are described, including information about the origin and/or artist, the location of the original work, and internet links, if available, to a high-resolution copy of the piece for viewing and possible download.
  • "Quotes" - This section will list each quotation and may also include a picture of the quotation in its source material, information about the author of the quote, and perhaps an internet link to the institution which holds the source material and possibly a link to view or download the source material itself.
  • Audio/Visual - A few rooms have some audio/visual material which can be viewed either in the "Virtual Tour" or using this separate button.