Other Lobby Artwork

The images below appear on the banners hanging above the gift shop.

Independence, MO Courthouse, 1853

This is a horizontal steel engraving of a view in Independence, Missouri. The courthouse, at center, is surrounded by a fence. There are covered wagons, people, oxen, and horses in the foreground. It was created in 1853.

The engraving is part of a collection of works called The United States Illustrated; in Views of City and Country with Descriptive and Historical Articles (Volume 2), edited by Charles A. Dana. It was published by the German publisher Hermann J. Meyer at the Bibliographic Institute in Hildburghausen, Germany.

The entire book of engravings can be viewed and downloaded here. The digital copy shown above is held by the Missouri Historical Society.

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Fort Laramie

This original wash drawing of Fort Laramie, Wyoming (actually Fort John) is held by the Wisconsin Historical Society.

It was sketched by James F. Wilkins (1808 - 1888) on June 24, 1849 during his 151-day journey from Missouri to California on the California Trail. You can learn more about Wilkins and this drawing in the artwork section of the Great Plains indoor exhibits.

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Donner Lake from the Summit by Albert Bierstadt

Albert Bierstadt (1830 - 1902) painted this landscape from the summit above Donner Lake in 1873 at the request of Collis P. Huntington of the California Central Railroad. Huntington was disappointed in the painting because it focused too much on the landscape and not enough on the railroad bed.

The image was downloaded from the Albert Bierstadt.net website.

View of the town and harbour of San Francisco from Signal Hill, c. 1851

View from Telegraph Hill looking towards Yerba Buena harbor at left and Montgomery Street at right; south bay in distance. Several figures (Spaniards), campers with tents, and signal building in foreground; numerous ships in bay; wharves and densely packed buildings of city to right.

Locations identified across the bottom of the print are: The Contra Costa, or Opposite Coast; Yerba Buena Cove; Rincon Point; Panama Steamers; San Jose (Seat of Govmt); Montgomery Street Exchange; Custom House; Gambling Houses; Portsmouth Square; Post Office

This is a print on paper, hand colored 16.5 inches by 31 inches lithograph. The original sketch artist is Captain Thomas Bernard Collinson R.E., lithographer is W. Boosey, and the printer is M. & N. Hanhart associated with Ackerman & Col. publishers.

Thomas Bernard Collinson (November 18, 1821 – May 1, 1902) was an English military engineer of the Corps of Royal Engineers who carried out the earliest British surveys of Hong Kong, and planned roads and other early military and civil engineering works in New Zealand. He produced the original sketch of San Francisco Harbor during his trip back to England from New Zealand in 1850.

The print is part of the Robert B. Honeyman, Jr. collection of Early Californian and Western American Pictorial Material held by the Bancroft Library at UC Berkeley.

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