Salt Lake City / So. California

Marker SL SCR UT-1 / COTU-5


"Took leave of my wife and Br. Brown drove ahead and found a very hard hill to ascend which is a divide between Utah and Salt Lake Valleys. ... Proceeding down the divide we came in sight of Utah Lake. This is a beautiful sheet of water some forty miles long and lies in a sort of triangle. It is surrounded by a large valley covered with a heavy growth of grass." - Addison Pratt, October 5, 1849

This post is also the marker for the Utah Central Overland Trail #5 (COTU-5).

Marker SL SCR UT-2


"came in sight of the grove in which is the Fort when the 'old Pioneer Gun' belched forth our introduction to the Fort - the brethren were collecting in their Cattle for the night when we arrived - on crossing the Island we saw some as beautiful timber as any in the Valley - we then crossed the 'Provo' a beautiful river about 5 rods wide & from 16 to 24 inches deep - on reaching the bank we were met by all the Inhabitants" - Thomas Bullock, September 15, 1849

Marker SL SCR UT-3


"... a considerable Portion of the land between the Spanish Fork & F.P. [Fort Peteetneet] is low & marshy & Bad to cross especialy with heavy loaded waggons.... some of the waggons required 9 yokes of oxen to get them through the sloughs - this is also a lovely Place & Bids fair for fine setlement, dis 7 ms & 69 from the Great Salt City." - John Doyle Lee, December 18, 1850

Marker SL SCR UT-4


"This day had a very dusty road. The most of the road was descending. Went fifteen miles and camped on a beautiful bottom [Chicken Creek]. A train of packers passed us. Had a pleasant day." - Sheldon Young, October 8, 1849

Marker SL SCR UT-5


"Had some rough roads. Went sixteen miles and came to the Sevier [River] and camped. Plenty of Snake Indians about camp to trade. An old flintlock gun will fetch a good pony. Pleasant day. had a shower of rain last night." - Sheldon Young, October 9, 1849

Marker SL SCR UT-6


"... we crossed the dry bed of a creek, & then ascended a hill & then up a Canion about 1 1/2 miles no water in it after crossing the ridge decending we came into a large wide Canion feed growing very luxuriently. we came into an extensive Valley little water sage Brush plentiful feed prety good: about 25 miles from the Sever we came to some mountain springs which we called Cedar Springs." - William Farrer, October 18, 1849

Marker SL SCR UT-7


"16th Passed over some beautiful rich bottoms covered with green grass which is uncommon at this season of the year on this route. Passed over a high divide into a beautiful round valley [Cove Fort]. I shot the largest hare in this valley I have ever seen. 23 miles today." - Addison Pratt, October 16, 1849

Marker SL SCR UT-8


"last night we had a severe snow storm. traveled about 7 miles down the beaver to the kannion & found the road was not possible. traveled 7 miles East close to the foot of the mountains where we struck a road that bore south through the mountains. traveled about 4 miles and found good feed & plenty of wood. no water. we traveled 18 miles & made 8 miles from where we camped last night" - Howard Egan, November 28, 1849