The End of Frink's Journey

The Frinks still took fifteen more days to complete their journey. They continued along the Carson River, passing through Carson Canyon to begin the ascent over the Sierra Nevada mountains via Carson Pass. They arrived in Sacramento on September 7. On September 8, Margaret wrote, "This morning a row-boat came up the river from San Francisco, containing five men, who stopped at the river bank to cook their breakfast. They told us they had come around Cape Horn, and narrated some of their privations on the long voyage. For many weeks they were on short rations, having only three crackers each, and a small supply of water daily. For a time there was a fair prospect of their starving to death. After hearing their dismal stories, we concluded that our overland journey was, in comparison, but a pleasure excursion."

Margaret and Ledyard continued their life as merchants, opening a hotel in Sacramento and purchasing a dairy farm to provide milk for the hotel and to sell in the city. They lived in that region at least another 47 years, when Ledyard decided to publish this diary of Margaret's in 1897.