Trails West T-Markers

Trails West Markers

For decades, Trails West has been erecting trail markers on the original California Trail. As the trail continues to erode away these markers have become the easiest way to locate the physical trail. There are two markers used by Trails West to identify the trail. First, there are the “T” markers made out of two rails welded together. Each “T” marker has an emigrant quote on it and the top rail is oriented with the direction of the trail. Hundreds of these markers are planted in various points along the trail. Trails West publishes guidebooks that provide directions, maps, and supplemental information about each marker site. You can purchase these books at the California Trail Interpretive Center or at The other markers laid by Trails West are white carsonite posts. In certain areas, these posts are spread along the actual trail route to help identify the trail.

We've provided a series of Google maps showing the locations of many of the T-markers. Be advised that many of the markers are in remote locations and may be far from fuel, food, water, etc. Additionally, many may require a high-clearance or 4WD vehicle to safely drive to them, and some are located on private property. Your best guide to them are the guidebooks referenced above.